Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Final Semester Begins

Classes resume today. I'm starting my last semester as an undergraduate. Ever. It's a weird feeling. It's scary but thrilling. I'm faced with a lot of choices post-graduation and I'm not sure what to choose yet. I have all of these images of how my life could look swimming in my head. I just can't pin anything down yet. I want it all. Is that wrong? I know I'll need to make decisions eventually. Sooner rather than later, as they say. Right now, it's just fun to feel like this.

I'm only taking four classes this semester and just two English classes. Even though English is my major, I feel relieved to be taking two classes (and not three with required discussion) in the subject (Ethnic American Fiction and Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Poets are the courses - for those who have an interest). I'll be continuing my internship and required seminar, which is wonderfully exciting except for the fact that my seminar instructor is completely disorganized. I am still head over heels in love with my internship at albemarle, which makes up for the negatives of the seminar. I am also looking forward to my hopefully-easy-but-interesting Anthropology of Religion course. I'll report back after I've taken all my classes. Wish me luck!

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