Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catching Up

My internet still. isn't. working. Oh, the joys of apartment living. It should be working after Saturday. Until then, I have taken to blogging at work. It feels very unnatural, just to let you know.

Classes are going well. They are all quite homework-heavy, so I am keeping busy. I love my Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Poets professor. She's a published poet, her husband's a musician, and she's an all-around cool, laid back, insightful, interesting woman.

My internship is still lovely. There are fun things in the mix, so I can't wait 'til the the next couple of issues come out! In related news, I'm in the process of applying for the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. Cross your fingers for me! It sounds like a dream.

I've stumbled upon lots of new blogs that I want to share with you. Soon.

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