Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project Runway

Has anyone else been watching the sixth season of Project Runway on Lifetime? I had my doubts about the network switch and about the show's move to Los Angeles (it was previously filmed in New York). Although I don't really like the coastal switch, I have been pleased with the show so far. It's been a little heavy on the celebrity appearances with Lindsay Lohan on the premiere episode and Rebecca Romijn on the most recent, but I like a lot of the designers and the challenges have been fun.

My favorite designers this season are:

Shirin Askari

Althea Harper

Louise Black

(Images courtesy of Lifetime)

Of course, this could change weekly! I hope you watch so we can discuss.


hannah said...

I have been searching for the channel that is on here in my home state. i WISH I was watching it!

Laura said...

What a shame that you haven't gotten to watch it! Just to let you know, you can watch full episodes of the show on the Lifetime website ( I hope that helps!