Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love July, as my birthday is in this month. I will be 21 in eight days. Jeez.

This week is going by fast. Tomorrow, my grandparents are coming in from Alabama. I'm having lunch with a friend and then going to a photo shoot for the magazine. It makes me feel so official.

Today was a rather horrible day. Work was good, but my class was terrible. I am doing a group project with three other people. Of course, none of them want to do anything, so I get stuck with all the work. It's ridiculous and frustrating. I hate group work.

I was complaining about having to do research for an article I'm writing for my internship. My seminar T.A. reminded me that the opportunity to co-write a cover story is insanely awesome and unusual. What was I thinking?! I should really be more appreciative of this wonderful position. I just lost sight of that for a second. Silly me.

Well, it'll be a busy, long weekend. If I do not write, Happy 4th of July. Have a very pleasant Independence Day.

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