Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, I'm back from New York. I went back to work yesterday, which was so hard. My feet are still sore from all of the walking we did on Saturday. We went to Bloomingdale's, Grand Central Station (and the Chrysler Building - my favorite), Central Park, Bleecker Street Records (a record store in Greenwich Village), Times Square, Books of Wonder (a children's bookstore in Chelsea), Washington Square Park, Tiffany's, the Flatiron Building, etc. etc. etc. We walked almost everywhere, but took a few cabs when it was too far to walk. On Friday night, we went to MoMA (for free, which was awesome). It rained as we walked there, so my feet were good and blistered for the entire trip. Nonetheless, it was really fun. We ate bad, expensive food and stumbled upon two different parades. We sat in Central Park and watched all the people. We hobbled around the hotel room after we did too much walking. It was great. I can't picture living there (yet), but I still have a year...

That's what the sky looked like after all of the rain on Friday. We stood on a street corner and tons of people around us were looking up, pulling out their phones and cameras, and taking pictures of the sky. It was so New York.

As my dad says, it was good to go but good to be home.

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