Monday, June 8, 2009

Tomorrow is an Election Day in Virginia. Although many people shy away from voting in primaries (especially for state elections), it is very important. I really think people underestimate the local and state government. Voting in the presidential election is simply not enough. Tomorrow, we decide what democratic candidate will be running for Governor. For any Virginians who might possibly read this, please remember to vote!

Personally, I love voting. When I turned 18, I wasn't excited about buying cigarettes (I'm not a smoker) or lottery tickets (I'm not a big gambler either) - I was excited about voting. I know that sounds geeky and unlikely, but it's true. When the election rolled around that year, I even got my mother to take pictures of me with my "I voted" sticker on. I love waking up a little bit early, grabbing my Voter Registration Card, and heading to my polling place. I like waiting in line, going into the little booth, and pressing the button for the candidate(s) I'm rooting for. It makes me feel like I'm involved, like I'm accomplishing something.

This time around, I'm gunning for Mr. Creigh Deeds. He's a good, experienced man. I have met Mr. Deeds and his patient voice and kind eyes (as well as his positions and plans) convince me that he will make a great Governor.

Whether you vote for Creigh Deeds or not, please get out and vote!

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