Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gwen on Elle

I cannot get over the last issue of Elle magazine featuring Gwen Stefani. I've loved Gwen for years. I used to sing "I'm Just a Girl" like it was my theme song. I'd watch the "Don't Speak" and "Sunday Morning" videos over and over again on MTV when I was younger. Tragic Kingdom got me hooked, but I totally loved Return of Saturn with "Simple Kind of Life" and "The Magic's in the Makeup." I even liked Rock Steady, although it was a little too dancehall for me. I loved Gwen. When she went on her solo tangent and did the pop girl thing, I wasn't into it. So, I'm so glad that she's returned to No Doubt. I really hope to see them on their upcoming tour.

Although the article by Aaron Gell starts off rocky, the layout is fantastic. I love how the light looks in each of the photos. It's great. Definitely one I'll be keeping around.

(Image courtesy of www.theinsider.com)

(Image courtesy of www.mtv.com)

(Image courtesy of www.theinsider.com)

(Image courtesy of www.elle.com)

Obviously, images are ultimately courtesy of Elle magazine.

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Kristin said...

I adore her. Fabulous pics!