Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Week

Sorry for my absence this week. I've been ridiculously busy. First, I must tell you what Chance and I did over the weekend. We met my friend for one of the strangest events I have ever seen, CLAW: Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestlers.

(Image courtesy of CLAW)

Two ladies go head to head in an arm wrestling competition. There are various rounds with different arm wrestlers with names like "Spawn of Bridezilla" and "Pitbull." People have favorite competitors and bet on who they think will win. There are many penalties and do-overs. Best of all, the money raised from this awesome event goes to various charities and organizations, such as Books Behind Bars.

Last night, I stayed over at a local fire station to research a story I am doing. The firefighters were so nice and fun. They are volunteer, so they all have jobs or school work to do on top of this huge commitment. I was surprised how hard they worked even when not doing calls. I definitely have a new respect for the work they do. One of the funniest things I learned about the crew was that they love to watch Rescue Me. Who would have thought?! I love that.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to do so many fun and exciting things as an intern. I feel so lucky! Speaking of which, the new issue of the magazine arrived on Monday. I was so excited to see my first ever issue! I was able to mail copies to friends and family with little cards that had the magazine's logo. It was so much fun! It might sound silly, but the biggest thrill was seeing my name in print. I don't think I could have gotten a better internship!


Brandi said...

I'm hoping I'm a recipient of your magazine! If not, I'd like to get a copy (or a subscription, if needed). I can't wait to read your article.

Laura said...

Yes, you are definitely a recipient! Not to worry. I heard you're sick. I hope that you feel better soon!