Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the first day of June!

This is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love summer. Mostly, it's because of the food. Strawberries, peaches, corn, blackberries, tomatoes - the list goes on. I crave fresh fruit and vegetables all year, as grocery store produce just doesn't cut it for me. There's nothing like fresh, local produce!

I also like to be outside more. I love walks in the summertime. I also like to visit Maymont Park in Richmond, VA at least once a summer. It's usually unbearably hot, but it's so beautiful there.

Interestingly, the first day of June has been mild. Summer humidity is definitely not in full swing yet. I would be enjoying the unusual cool temperatures, but I've been cooped up inside, trying to clean before my internship starts and I become obsessed with the magazine. I only have one more week! I have an orientation seminar next Monday and my first day of work is Wednesday, June 10th. I am SO excited!

Since it's June 1st, I thought I'd make a list of things I'm looking forward to this month:

-my internship finally starts
-Chance's birthday
-a trip to Washington, D.C.
-a second visit to Stone Soup Books with Alison
-reading more books on my summer reading list (Persuasion, I Capture the Castle, My Sister's Keeper, Revolutionary Road, etc.)
-peaches ripening

Here's to an exciting and busy start to summer!

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Jack said...

I look forward to ruining the day of many a cyclist with my blue jeans and beach cruiser. Yes, fenders on BOTH wheels.

I'm not trying to show-off by speeding uphill, it's just that my bike has only one gear, so I have to pedal as fast as I can to surmount the incline.