Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mr. President

I spent hours last night looking at the White House Flickr. It's amazing how the White House utilizes these forms of technology and communication that are cropping up everywhere. President Obama's White House not only has a Flickr, but also a Facebook, a Twitter, a MySpace, etc. etc. Barack is way more hooked up than I am! I actually feel like I'm behind the times looking at that list.

Some pictures that struck me:

Obviously, I'm drawn to candid pictures of the Obama family. I just think it is inspiring and invigorating to see such a young, energetic family in the White House. I know there are so many negative things to dwell on and feel down about right now in this country, but looking at our President gives me confidence and hope. I think it proves to be an intelligent move to allow Americans access to private moments like these. It's definitely a good P.R. move, as it makes one feel as though the President is down to earth, loving, and a generally admirable man.

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