Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clearly, I've finally decided on a name for this blog. I'm sure you recognize "it's the journey" as being part of a common expression ("it's the journey, not the destination"). It might be cliche, but it was something my 10th grade English teacher said to me that I really stuck. I appreciate her because she reinvigorated my love for books and writing. She gave me a lot of advice and guidance that I continue to follow. I definitely reserve the right to change it, as I'm sure I'll become sick of it at some point. Nonetheless, it stays for now.

It's been really rainy today. I have been cleaning and doing little things around the house. I got a bit bored, which led me to this little survey that I found randomly on the internet.

8 things i look forward to:
01. my internship
02. starting a paying job and getting money again
03. Chance's birthday
04. my birthday
05. going to Atlantic City sometime this summer
06. my 4th year of college starting
07. seeing No Doubt this summer (I hope)
08. (500) Days of Summer coming out

8 things i did yesterday:
01. snuggled with Chance
02. called Mom
03. checked email
04. showered
05. went to Chance's house
06. ate Riverside with my dad and sister
07. saw the baby mouse my sister rescued
08. watched What Just Happened with Chance (I would NOT recommend it)

8 things i wish i could do:
01. have more patience
02. quilt
03. cook
04. ...other things that I don't have patience for
05. get organized
06. stay organized
07. be cool in every situation
08. have more courage

8 shows i watch:
01. The Big Bang Theory
02. Gilmore Girls (only on DVD now)
03. Saturday Night Live
04. The Soup
05. Jon and Kate Plus Eight
06. Parks and Recreation
07. Ellen
08. Oprah

That's all for now.

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