Sunday, March 22, 2009

As this is my first post, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Laura. How do you do?

I am a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am a third year English major. I am a reader and a writer. I am a lover of books, flowers, music, and sunshine. I am an observer, an idealist, and a firecracker.

Now that I've introduced myself, we can move on.

I intend to keep a record of my experiences and tastes from now until I get bored. We'll see how this goes.

Right now, I'm really liking:

Laughing at the funny things Chance says
Old books found at Stone Soup Books (
Really nice hangout time with my friend, Alison
Daydreaming about all the different possible directions that my life could go in
Planning my class schedule for Fall 2009
Reading Jane Austen books
W magazine featuring Drew Barrymore on the cover
Buying gifts for the people close to me whose birthdays are quickly approaching
Watching all the trees blossoming around town
Watching little Bails (my dog) run around in the leaves
Seeing all the daffodils around
Painting my toenails springtime-y colors
Earning a 100% on a Literature midterm

I won't go into anything that annoys me right now. Let's keep things positive, shall we?

Now, all I need is a name...

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